July 12, 2005

EU to try and Squash Internet TV, it will fail

EU wants to Squash Internet TV, it will fail. It has been said before and will be said again. TCP/IP tries to route around censorship, it sees it as damage. Now this is not to say that things like the Great Firewall of China, just hard, and almost inevitably bypassed with a some effort and money. Then when you consider how much money is being made on the net by things that are very much against 'taste and decency' the chances of this working are very slim.

Here is an example of how to get all of your indecent films from the net, using existing technologies. First the distribution method, trackerless BitTorrent, it requires no central server so there is nowhere for the police to raid once the initial segments are online. It also shares the server load between everybody downloading so can work without anyone, including the producers, needing a major supply of bandwidth.

Now payment. Again simple, encrypt it and charge for the decryption keys exactly as all current pay per view TV is done. Have short clips unencrypted, as tasters, and everything digitally signed so that you know the people putting out the tasters are the same as the people putting out the big versions. The market will deal with cheats as it does at the moment.


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